Friday, 29 April 2016

Embrace your body

I am writing this from the top of my head after a long day. I went home at lunch because I was so tired, I'd woken up at 5:30 to be at school to help preparing a charity event. I tried to convince myself I was fine, but my body clearly indicated that I should stop what I'm doing. So with the help of my body (and my boyfriend), I decided I would go home and rest.

Our bodies do miracles. Our legs carry us places, our tummy is there to someday, if you are a woman, carry a life inside it, it is also there just for the sake of looking cute or why not, incredibly sexy? Our arms carry things around for us, make it possible to give hugs and receive them, our hands can create wonderful art. Our eyes make most of us see the beautiful world we have been placed in, our ears are there to hear the birds sing and to hear our loved ones speak. Our mouth, with their fulness and cupid's bow makes it possible for us to experience that magical, yet often also failed, first kiss, and many more.
Be thankful to your body. Don't hurt it. Take care of it. Love it.
I have my body to thank for keeping me alive. And so does anyone else. Your body is something crucial to your existence. You wouldn't hurt a friend that has been there for you through blood, sweat and tears, would you? Well your body is your friend, so you should not hurt your body either.
The next time you're ill, and thinking you should still go to work/school, think twice, really listen to your body. The next time you think of skipping a meal, don't. The next time you intend hurting yourself on purpose, tell yourself your body doesn't deserve that- try to separate you from your body. Who are you really hurting now, you or your body, your friend? The next time you're thinking of doing something that would harm your precious body, don't do it. Your body doesn't deserve to be harmed, but loved.

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